Founded in 2020, Simon Bentley Fine Art is devoted to seeking out artworks of quality and aesthetic interest, with a primary focus on Post-Modern Canadian Abstraction. The gallery is committed to the promotion of Canadian Art both in Canada and abroad, as well as protecting and nurturing Canadian Heritage and Cultural Sovereignty. With nearly a decade of experience in the Canadian Secondary Market, we specialize in Estate Planning, Cultural Properties Donations and Exports, as well as appraisals and insurance valuations.

Born in London, Ontario, Simon Bentley studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, with a Master's Thesis at the University of Western Ontario on the work of Jack Chambers. In 2011, upon completion of his master's degree, he joined Miriam Shiell Fine Art in Toronto, where he spent 9 years apprenticing under the watchful eye of Canada's foremost secondary market dealer. Building on this foundation, Simon hopes to combine research and academics with aesthetic sensitivity and market awareness in his new gallery, offering collectors the opportunity to discover and connect with art that rewards prolonged investigation. 


As of November 2022, Simon Bentley Fine Art moved into the 401 Richmond Building and has a gallery on the first floor in Unit 133. 

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